Samsung makes computer monitors from ocean plastic waste

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Yes, Samsung has recently announced plans to use ocean plastic waste to make computer monitors. The company plans to use recycled plastic from the ocean to create the frames for its new Space Monitor.

The ViewFinity S8 is a device that utilizes ocean waste to create its construction material, resulting in a 10% reduction in consumer energy usage. This innovative product is not only beneficial for the environment, but also provides ample energy for the younger, creative generation. Additionally, the device features a screen composed of recycled plastic material that is integrated into the ecosystem. By utilizing Samsung Eco Savings Plus, the device is able to save up to 10% in energy and preserve valuable resources. This technology not only regenerates materials from the ocean, but also helps to minimize negative environmental impacts. The material is not only used for the screen, but can also be found in other products such as refrigerators, air conditioning units, TVs, and mobile phone chargers.

The manufacturer has stated that there are often inquiries regarding whether the desktop-friendly design can meet the unique demands of high-level creative development. Samsung is confident that every product in their line meets the necessary criteria, which includes sustaining a sustainable environment while also staying at the forefront of technology.

Therefore, this lifestyle is seen as a necessary step in the artificial economics of young people who are striving to create a green lifestyle.

The UD-4K model is a desktop that is designed specifically for individuals in creative fields such as design, architecture, photography, and videography. The ViewFinity S8 model is equipped with IPS for wider viewing angles, superior image quality, and high accuracy.

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The external color is extended to 98% DCI-P3 and supports 1.07 billion colors. It also features Display HDR 600 for the 32-inch model and Display HDR H 400 for the 27-inch model. Samsung’s superpower grid allows for the display of actual images that are visible from any angle, even in darker areas.

The PANE TONE TONdated and PANE Skine Tone Validated exact colors can replicate up to 2,000,000 to 1,100-0-1 color levels, making it extremely useful for decorators working in international economics that respect diversity and skin tone authentication. The device also provides the necessary tools for creative experts to adjust and fine-tune their ideas throughout the creative process.

The ViewFinity FinS8 is perfect for maintaining a “clean desk shop” environment in creative workspaces. It can connect seamlessly through a single USB port, allowing for television, data, and charging at 9W. Additionally, the device includes a 3-0 port, a Display Port, an Ethernet 1 GB port, and a 3-USB hub, making the connection process fast and easy.

The device not only supports productivity but also cares about the user’s health through security technology and economics. The Matte Dispte Display counter helps reduce discomfort from long-term computer work, while intelligent eye protection from TUV Rheinland, including Flicker Free and Bluelight technology, helps preserve the user’s eyesight and reduce strain. The user can also configure the screen’s position from height to tilt to rotation, making it more comfortable for the body during extended use.

Green is a major trend these days, and the company has continued to promote sustainability in their products. The device uses recycled materials and features blue technology, which is environmentally friendly and has been committed to protecting the planet for over 30 years.

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